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Specialized in Microsoft Azure, Fabric & modern data stack. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Public speaker & meetup organizer. FOSS contributor.

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Fabric: Lakehouse or Data Warehouse?

5 minutes
Fabric: Lakehouse or Data Warehouse?

There are 2 kinds of companies currently active in the Microsoft data space: those who are migrating to Microsoft Fabric, and those who will soon be planning their migration to Microsoft Fabric. 😅 One question that often comes back is Should I focus on the Lakehouse or the Data Warehouse? Let’s answer that in this post. I can already tell you this: you’re asking the wrong question 😉

Is Microsoft Fabric just a rebranding?

10 minutes
Is Microsoft Fabric just a rebranding?

It’s a question I see popping up every now and then. Is Microsoft Fabric just a rebranding of existing Azure services like Synapse, Data Factory, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, etc.? Is it something more? Or is it something entirely new? I hate clickbait titles as much as you do. So, before we dive in, let me answer the question right away. No, Fabric is not just a rebranding. I would not even describe Fabric as an evolution (as Microsoft often does), but rather as a revolution! Now, let’s find out why.

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📍 Datashift, Mechelen, Belgium
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📍 Astrafy, Brussels, Belgium
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