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Specialized in Microsoft Azure, Fabric & modern data stack. Microsoft Data Platform MVP. dbt Community Award. Public speaker & meetup organizer. OSS contributor.

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Connecting Neon with dbt Cloud

4 minutes
Connecting Neon with dbt Cloud

If you’re looking to build a simple, serverless data stack, then you might have considered the amazing combo of dbt Cloud with Neon. Neon is a fully managed cloud offering with serverless PostgreSQL databases. They separate storage and compute, which makes it easy to scale and manage your data. If your data is not “big”, then Neon is a great choice. dbt Cloud is a cloud-based service for running dbt. It’s a great way to run dbt without having to manage infrastructure. It features a user-friendly IDE, scheduling, and monitoring.

Fabric: Lakehouse or Data Warehouse?

5 minutes
Fabric: Lakehouse or Data Warehouse?

There are 2 kinds of companies currently active in the Microsoft data space: those who are migrating to Microsoft Fabric, and those who will soon be planning their migration to Microsoft Fabric. 😅 One question that often comes back is Should I focus on the Lakehouse or the Data Warehouse? Let’s answer that in this post. I can already tell you this: you’re asking the wrong question 😉

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Medaillon for Data Mesh: Exploring Workspace, Capacity, and Domain Design in Microsoft Fabric
📍 Fabric Brussels meetup, Brussels, Belgium
Belgium dbt Meetup 6
📍 dataroots, Leuven, Belgium

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SQL Resurgence - Unleashing Data Potential with dbt
📍 Data Science Leuven Meetup, Leuven, Belgium
Guest on DataTopics Unplugged podcast: Unraveling the Fabric of Data: Microsoft's Ecosystem and Beyond
📍 DataTopics Unplugged, online
Belgium dbt Meetup 5
📍 Digital Hive, Hasselt, Belgium